Welcome to our first local blog post called “What I Love About Lancaster.” We pick out local attractions that makes living in Lancaster such a fun place!

This week, although about an hour away from Lancaster County, is the PA Farm Show. The farm show is the largest indoor Agricultural event in America, bringing in roughly half a million visitors. Whether you attend the Farm show for the rodeos, the exciting contests or delicious foods, there is something for everyone! Admission is free and it truly is fun for the whole family.

When asking visitors why they attend the Farm Show, we received two answers – the food (milkshakes in particular) or the events (rodeos and/or contests)

Do you think all milkshakes are created equal? If you said yes, you clearly have never had a Farm Show milkshake! I’m convinced there is a secret ingredient that goes way beyond milk. Whether you choose chocolate, vanilla or a twist they are beyond delicious. For the 100th anniversary of the Farm Show (in 2016) they had a special flavor – Strawberry. Equally delicious.

Another highlight of the Farm Show is the life-sized butter sculpture. Who knew a statue, carved out of butter would be such a “must see.” They keep the sculpture inside a refrigerated room and use 1000 pounds of butter.

Whether you are new to Lancaster County or a native, your attendance at the Farm Show is a must! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

For more information visit http://bit.ly/2i8fhio